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I have always considered World War II to be one of the most significant events in the twentieth century.  I have studied the period extensively.  I have chosen to write my books around what I love.  While my work is fiction, it is well researched fiction with facts about the war woven into the novels providing the reader a sense of war-times. 

I have written rough drafts of two books that are the beginning of a series about the origin of World War II.  The series' working title is Soldier of the Sea, the first is entitled Salt Winds, and the second is Gobi Dust. 

The story begins with an orphan boy in Chicago and the tale of how he becomes a U. S. Marine and ends up in Shanghai, China in 1933. 

The second book is about his adventures on a scientific/espionage expedition into the Gobi Desert. 

My plan is for the books to tell the story of the conflict that develops in China and eventually breaks into World War II.  The story is little known in the United States and will be told through the experiences of a young Marine Corporal, one of the famous "China Marines". 

I have another rough draft nearing completion set in Fort Worth, Texas during the Great Depression.  It is a tale about wealth, power and corruption and how normal people fought back.  This book could alter the way you think about Fort Worth! 

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